Earn your Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching

The 4-month program includes an education in feminist theory and feminist coaching principles, a coaching practicum, and a certification project.


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With an Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching, you will feel confident coaching any woman, of any background or identity, on any topic.

You will have mastery of feminist coaching tools in areas like body image, sex, eating + exercise, social relationships, family + parenting, romantic relationships + dating, money, work, and social justice.

The old model of “coach knows best” is an outdated patriarchal and white-supremacist way of understanding coaching. In this program you will learn how to approach coaching from a collaborative, consent-based perspective that maximizes your client’s agency and empowerment.

What People Are Saying

I never thought of myself as a feminist. This course is about more than that label. It is about being a powerful woman on earth and understanding all the ways society has set up systems to remove women’s power and all the ways we can coach ourselves and our clients to reclaim and cultivate and magnify our power and use it for good. So whether you actively think about yourself as a feminist or not, do not let that stop you from signing up. If you read the description and you know your soul is in the right place, do it. You will learn so much more than you can imagine right now.

Maggie Reyes

If you’re uncomfortable with topics such as racism, fat shaming, feminism in general – you need to take this course. Even if you think “I got this,” this will help take your coaching to the next level.

Dr. Hala Sabry

“I think my coaching has a few more layers of depth to it because my brain has been able to see, become aware of, and understand women’s socialization and how it’s a part of what we think and believe as women in the first place. I feel like I am more masterfully equipped to hold space for nuances and complexities, and also more able to show my clients how certain thoughts/beliefs they have come from what we are taught as women: That there’s something wrong with us and our brains.“

Brenda Lomeli

Master Life Coach

I was really able to let go of “my ego” as a coach. I was always worried if my coaching was good enough which obviously interfered with my ability to hold space and truly listen to my clients. Letting go of my ego and focusing on the client was key for me!

Bonnie Koo, MD

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The Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching is the only coach training program that brings an intersectional feminist lens to the most powerful cognitive change tools available. When you hire a coach who has achieved this certification, you are hiring someone who understands how your brain has been shaped by intersecting structures of oppression and marginalization, influenced by the patriarchy, white supremacy, sizeism, ableism, and a host of other cultural narratives.


When you hire a coach who has graduated from the Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching, you are hiring a partner in growth. Many coaching programs teach coaches to position themselves as the experts that the client will always need to feel ok. ACFC coaches know that their most important job is to empower their clients to learn how to coach themselves so that they have and can use this skill to solve their own problems for the rest of their lives.



These coaches have an advanced ability to understand the world and how women move through it, relate to it, are shaped by it, and shape it in turn – which means they can coach you more deeply and more effectively than anyone else. And that means your life changes, fast.